Project concept – how it works

The restorations of stations across NSW has left for some communities, a tangible and lasting legacy of how their towns once were in the heyday of steam and diesel NSWGR era operations. This restored station and surrounding environs allow domestic and international railway and general tourists the ability to see precious Australian railway heritage from 1800s and 1900s. It also enable people to marvel at how such railway stations were built with such craft, skills and design features, something which is not seen as often in the 21st Century. This lasting legacy from 1800s onwards, has formed the basis for this webpage’s concept and vision.

People may not be aware that there are many heritage type railway stations across NSW preserved but these are locked up or if not, they are reused but in some cases these are not properly cared for. The rest are decaying or have long gone – been destroyed on purpose or burnt down in some cases.

We want to focus on the decaying stations and save them while it is still possible.

The heritage restoration proposal plan covering the few sites is simple yet effective to make happen. The basis of the plans sees local communities working with external help in restoring back to a high standard their local town’s heritage stations.When completed, these finished and restored stations enable the towns to tap into the growing  and niche railway tourism heritage market, which see railway tourists visit and the benefits which can assist local business from having such icons standing are generated.

The operational plan for each station or building as listed on the main webpage, is to engage with relevant local stakeholder such as council, residents, businesses, NSW government agencies and federal agencies to formulate effective, achievable plans which see these icons saved.

The main core structure of this plan will be encouraging people to come together to work on these railway projects in their free time as volunteers in traveling “squads” of restorers via train / buses or car pooling etc.The immediate benefit of such a concept is the travel cost could be reduced and the upside is that many people can travel to the sites at once and work on specific tasks each weekend.

Age and skills wont be an issue just enthusiasm and passion needed. Skills can be sorted as each project develops. Maturity and common sense will be required by anyone who wishes to volunteer as you need to be acting within the laws when doing such workings.

Suitable local teams with incorporated management and business structures will be the likely way to proceed at each location.The ability to acquire site leases to cover each of these sites where they are not current, will take time but can be achieved with people working together thus saving wasted resources. Insurance and ISTR controls can be worked on as each site develops.

If you know of another station in NSW that is needing restoration, let us know and perhaps with community work, it to can be restored and saved…..


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