Restoration teams

To overhaul and restore the stations and building will involve people working together.

This is easy done as many NSW communities have volunteers who like to be active and working alongside fellow town locals. In some projects, people from Sydney may travel 4-7hrs and work on country volunteer project and inject money at the same time into the local businesses.

By becoming members of the project group, the funds raised from membership will help pay for the lease site costs, insurance fees and other costs as the overhauls take place. In time grants can be applied for and usually received after much work thus increasing the capital in each project.

The basis of the restorations teams will vary from project to project but the structures will be the same essentially. Each project will require a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership officer and co-ordinators to ensure the projects can succeed. Some titles may require some people to hold 2 titles until more people join up.

Age is no barrier as long as over 18 and fit and willing to give it a go, these heritage projects are suitable for men and women of any background. The only prerequiste needed is to be keen to save your local town heritage.

Tasks to be conducted at each site can vary from timber work, metal work, researching, media, organising events and assisting with enquiries. Over time more roles can be added as required.

Each site will need people to be trained in OHS, first aid and be aware of issues with working on heritage sites.


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